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So, my little victims by WhizofDiz13 So, my little victims by WhizofDiz13
Eh, been on a Dangan Ronpa kick recently and decided to make up my own cast of 16 Dangan Ronpa victims. I do have a villain planned, but that would be spoilers, if I were to ever mail the game in. However, I will say these kids have all been invited to Marvel Manor in order to enhance their skills to impress the world. And there they are victims of the never-dying Monokuma, like everybody else.
Speaking of spoilers, I decided not to come up with a grounded story, so I gave each of these kids their own executions. Those generally are everyone's favorite part of all these games anyways, right.

Anyways, time to give our introductions:
Mei Hatoshi
Super Duper High School Plain Jane
There has never been a person more plain or bland than Mei. She always wears the same clothes, she never does anything with her hair, and she is kind to the point of having no personality. She is the protagonist of the story (boys being the stars of the two previous games). She was so bland that it was practically a talent, being able to blend into any crowd anywhere. Thus why she was invited to the Marvel Manor.
Execution: May I? Mei who?
Mei is dropped into a pure white room, reflecting her lack of distinguishing traits. After looking around in a panic, she is stamped with a giant pencil eraser and rubbed out of existence, bloodstains and all, leaving nothing, like the nothing she always was.

Ichirou Zenigata
Super Duper High School Cop
The key helper to Mei throughout the game, being a natural when it comes to catching criminals, including finding clues and reading personalities. He caught his first criminal at the age of nine and made police captain by age fifteen, becoming a member of Interpol one year later. He came to Marvel Manor by invitation, but his real intent was to follow up an open case, believing this to be another tie to that infamous gang of the Super Duper High School Despair. He sits back, leading Mei along quietly through the capers in hopes of keeping Monokuma’s eyes off of himself. He is usually serious, but personable, though he can be easily distracted if he doesn’t have his coffee every two hours on the hour.
Execution: Jail Breakdown!
Waking up from his being taken into the execution room, he finds himself handcuffed. He is then dragged along by a long chain attached to the handcuffs. He sees the faces of all of the criminals he has caught, watching them all escape and jeer at him. He is finally slammed into his own cell high above the others, so that he may continue to watch them escape. Finally, the jail itself begins collapsing, his own cell falling into the midst of the rubble. His hand is all that is left seen after the collapse. Probably don’t want to see how bloodied the rest of him is.

Fuuko Akiyuki
Super Duper High School Ninja
The daughter of the leader of a clan of ninja, hidden for centuries. How she was discovered by the owner of Marvel Manor is completely unknown, though she was praised within her clan for mastering every one of the thousand jutsu techniques they had by the age of twelve. She was always a favorite to become the leader of the clan, despite her three older brothers. She arrived at the mansion to discover how the owner discovered her clan. She is perhaps the coldest concerning the game of murder. She does not seem keen on making friends, though she does respect human life.
Execution: The End of a Clan
Set in a forest much like her home, she believes that the games had been a farce, so she goes back to realize her clan again. Whenever she finds a member of her clan and goes to meet them, however, they turn into a log. This continues with Fuuko becoming more panicked, not realizing the logs are catching ablaze quickly behind her. She finds herself moving faster and faster until she comes across the four wooden coffins of her father and three brothers. She falls to her knees in despair as she realizes that she is the last of the master’s family, only for the flames to finally consume the forest in whole, including the trees and the coffins. All that is left in a few seconds is a heap of ashes and a hair ribbon attached to a kunai, listing the lost family’s name.

Kojiro Tsukiro
Super Duper High School Toymaker
A boy whose idea of entertainment was to pull apart toys and put them back together better than ever. Given the raw materials, he was able to build up toys beyond imagination. A childish fellow, he didn’t think about what he could earn from building these toys, but only that he could make others smile. He eventually made bigger and grander toys with each passing day until he was able to build an entire city out of toys. He then spent many of his days playing with others, until he was invited to attend Marvel Manor. He figured if he could make even better toys, then he should be able to make others happier. He is easily one of the shiest kids, despite his outgoing personality, keeping to himself in his room.
Execution: Parade of Fun
Dropping into the room, Kojiro sits up and looks around, seeing a small army of wind-up soldiers. He has to jump up and begin running from the cascade of shots. He has to run through an entire battlefield, until he is able to hop from their table. That’s when he is faced by a troupe of Monokuma teddies with claws bared. He dashes over to the next table where he is met by tops of doom. Finally reaching the end of the table, ducking and dodging whirring explosive tops, he finds himself needing to make a leap of faith. Realizing only death waits him from behind, he makes the leap, hoping to land on the floor and escape through the door. Instead, he finds himself caught up in the packaging process of most toys, becoming trapped in a plastic case with no way out. Realizing his predicament, he begins banging on the plastic until he suffocates. His packaging is then stamped with a price tag that has Monokuma’s face on it.

Chizuru Nakiri
Super Duper High School Clown
How does one become the best in clowning around? By getting the biggest laughs! Chizuru had already worked with seals and honking horns to make others giggle and guffaw by the age of four. She soon found herself a juggling and bouncing fool where others could not juggle or bounce before. She entertained others like no clown ever before, soon earning her invitation to Marvel Manor. She is easily the quickest to have her frown turn upside down at the thought of murdering others. Nevertheless, she proves quite claustrophobic when not allowed outside of the main house.
Execution: Juggling Fool!
It starts out simply enough. Chizuru has to juggle three balls. Then five. Then ten. Then the balls are set ablaze. Soon her juggling ensemble becomes even more deranged as knives, chainsaws, and axes get added to the mix. Things become pretty hairy as anvils are added as well. Soon, she sees a shadow spreading around her. She looks up to see an unchained wrecking ball coming to join the ranks. Realizing she is in danger, she makes to run, only to realize she is chained to the spot. Realizing her fate, she quickly draws out a string of handkerchiefs from her sleeve until she pulls out a white flag and waves it before being crushed by the clown-faced ball of doom.

Hachi Fumiko
Super Duper High School Tailor
First taught by his mother, Hachi paid attention to every stitch and wave as he observed knitting, sewing, crochet, and many other styles of putting together cloth and fabric. A member of high society, he was able to put together clothes for all of the galas his parents attended. He soon became known as the highlight of the fashion world, one of the first from Japan without being a cosplay artist. Attending Marvel Manor, he is the cold, calculating type who has a greater eye for detail than even Zenigata, referring to everyone by last name. He does not see the murder scheme as a game like Togami but rather that he just wants everyone to understand that nothing escapes his eyes.
Execution: Fabricated Truths
Finding himself on a gaudy piece of cloth, he finds himself at the threat of a giant pair of scissors. He begins running along, realizing that he is on an unrolling bolt of cloth. He is able to cut across the cloth and make his way off the trap, only to find himself getting caught in a loom. Just as he is about to untangle himself, he finds that his own sewing needle has stitched him into the worked cloth. He soon gets woven into the fabric, Hachi now being cloth. His eyes shift back and forth until the scissors from earlier come back to cut him in half, staining the cloth with blood.

Sachiko Yomosuki
Super Duper High School Surgeon
Who would trust a fifteen-year-old to perform brain surgery on them? Thousands! And not just brain surgery, but kidney transplants, corrective spinal surgery, tumor removal, and hundreds of other procedues. Sachiko had tamed the scalpel by the age of twelve, graduating medical school at the same time. She has always worn the sunglasses to protect her eyes, along with the surgical mask, being a classic germophobe. Her invitation to Marvel Manor was actually anticipated. She holds onto her scalpel, saying she could only heal with it; never harm.
Execution: Emergency Heart Transplant!
Monokuma stands over the patient and cuts her open in half while she is still alive. Her eyes flicker back and forth as organs fly past her face. Her glasses and mask have been removed for “sanitary purposes”, though it is really just to see her panic as she knows parts are being placed where they shouldn’t. Her heart is eventually removed, still attached to her aorta and other veins, until it is placed in a jar. As the lid is being lowered and rotated on, the heart monitor beeps louder and faster until the lid is fully shut, the arteries severed and the heart monitor flat-lining.

Toki Tachibana
Super Duper High School Strongman
Easily one of the strongest people in the world, he can’t fight. He can only lift stuff. He’s a lot younger than he looks, only barely high school age. He is easily the sweetest guy in the manor, even if he does pull around trains for a living. He is kind and gentle, enjoying the company of birds and cute animals. He really just wants to have a farm of his own, but everyone just enjoys seeing him lift things. He is unsure about Marvel Manor and is the quickest to sweat in court because he seems like such an obvious killer due to his strength.
Execution: Strength in Numbers
It seems simple when it comes to lifting ten pound weights. However, a zero is added to the end of each, becoming a hundred. A thousand. Ten thousand. No sweat! Hundred thousand! Million! Still staying strong! Ten million! Hundred Million! Toki is crying as the weight is keeping him in place. A final zero, and crash! Those muscles don’t count for much, when they are flat.

Mayu Morishige
Super Duper High School Baker
There’s not much to say about being a great pastry chef when you are half French. Of course, Mayu makes the sweetest treats around. However, what she really likes to eat is beef bowl. She has nothing to brag about. She’s just a sweetheart with pastry chef skills. She is easily one of the more trustworthy members of the Marvel Manor residents. Or is she? Beware the quiet ones, after all, especially when they handle most of the food.
Execution: Sweetie Pie
A long conveyor belt of pies is being moved towards the oven. Mayu, with only her head sticking out, has to watch as she nears the open flame of the stove. She begins struggling to make herself free. She pops out of the pie, covered in the blueberry filling. She jumps off the conveyer belt just before the oven can consume her. However, she lands in a bowl of cookie dough. Before she can react, she is quickly rolled into the dough, cut out, baked, and decorated, leaving a gingerbread woman who looks just like her sitting on the tray.

Jiro Yamanaka
Super Duper High School Drummer
A punk rocker with a gift for rhythm since the age of two, composing a practical symphony on the pots and pans. He grew up as a pride of high society for his music, despite being a ragtag rascal. Between his cash and his music, he claims the only thing he was ever missing to really impress the ladies was the vocals, having a voice which is too low and scratchy to impress anyone. Still, his music was enough to get him into Marvel Manor. He can’t rightly complain about that of all things, being rather laidback.
Execution: Thrum Solo
Jiro finds himself standing on a drum. A set of drums, even. He looks around suspiciously until Monokuma towers over him, wielding a pair of drumsticks. Thus commences the drum solo. For a solid minute, Jiro has to jump back and forth to avoid the drumsticks as Monokuma beats faster and faster. After the drum solo, Jiro pants until a cymbal slams over him. That is when he pops his head out of the hole in the top, sighing in relief. Silence is only momentary, however, before Monokuma begins beating on the cymbal with both sticks, rattling Jiro's bones and innards until he begins coughing up blood and his eyes roll back into his head. His head finally slumps forward, showing his death.

Ranka Oozaki
Super Duper High School Childcare
How does one discover they have a knack for childcare before they are an adult? For Ranka, it was almost jokingly realized when she was told she had a very maternal body. She soon became known as the top babysitter, even able to take care of a hundred children of all ages at the same time without any of them suffering or feeling neglected. Her ability to care for children was nothing short of legendary. She is easily one of the more flirtatious girls, wanting to start a family of her own. After all, that’s what childcare is all about.
Execution: Rock-a-bye-bye, Baby!
Ranka begins her execution inside of an android’s belly. A “bun in the oven”, if you will, as it rocks back and forth. Banging on the oven door, she soon pops out and makes her way to safety, until the android grabs her in its arms and gives her a bottle that is obviously filled with poison. With panicked eyes, she is able to spit it out, but it is not the end. Wrapped in swaddling clothes, she is laid in a cradle, where her “mother” begins rocking her back and forth. The rocking gets faster and faster until she can hardly be seen. When the rocking slows to a stop, Ranka can be seen smiling, until the blanket is removed, revealing that her head is now on backwards, her neck having effectively been snapped to cause her death.

Kankuro Souko
Super Duper High School Ghost Hunter
A practitioner of the Shinto arts, he specializes in exorcism. He was responsible for clearing out half of the haunted locations in Japan of every ghost and ghoul that was in them. This was when he was in elementary school. He began roaming the streets, knowing his skills were needed, but he did not need to be paid for his services. It was his religious duty, after all. He could not let evil spirits remain, and he strengthened those spirits of good. He was unsure of Marvel Manor’s invitation due to his not keeping a personal address. Still, he sensed evil that needed to be purified by his services.
Execution: Ghost Hunt
Arriving in a graveyard, Kankuro shows no interest until the ghosts appear. He is able to dispel ghost after ghost, from spirit to skeleton, no matter how many arrive. Even when he is overwhelmed, finding himself covered by ghouls, he releases a holy explosion, dispelling them all. That is when a grave opens up beneath him and swallows him. After the grave reseals itself a tombstone pops from the ground as well as his ghostly head.

Rinka Izumi
Super Duper High School Sniper
Despite having only one eye, with any long range weapon, she can hit a target at three kilometers’ distance. She claims to have removed her own eye when she was just a child because it was too lazy and ruined her focus. From arrow to dart to bullet, she knows every weapon of great range. She was expectant of the Marvel Manor invitation and was one of the first to arrive. Though disappointed to have all of her bows, guns, and even her slingshot taken from her, she notes that she shoots for sport or times of need. She is not a cold-blooded killer, or so she claims.
Execution: That’s Rather Farfetched
Darts are thrown at Rinka, but not to kill her. She is actually pinned to the side of a long arrow. That arrow is loaded onto a bow which seems to be targeted towards a volcano. It appears to be short, however, when the arrow lands in the barrel of a gun. She is then shot from there, but again falls just short, but the gun’s blast has shattered the arrow. Instead, she is caught finally in a boomerang which is launched into the air. On the way back down, the wind catches the broad board and finally aims her towards the volcano. Her eye patch finally rises, revealing an eye rotating furiously in its socket from the wind. After the boomerang submerges, it pops back up, revealing only a skeleton left tied to the slowly burning boomerang, the rotating eye still in its socket.

Yuusuke Taiga
Super Duper High School Punching Bag/Harem Seeker
When he first arrives at Marvel Manor, he claims to be the Super Duper High School Punching Bag, being able to contort his bones and organs so as to prevent all damage and pain, making himself perhaps the only one immune to the murder scheme on the manor. However, it is later revealed the first or second trial that he is actually the Super Duper High School Harem Seeker, meaning he is completely unable to harm any woman. He is easily the calmest character amongst the cast, usually shrugging off Monokuma, but he can easily fly into a fury if he finds out someone so much as hurt the feelings of a young woman, let alone if one is murdered. If it’s a girl’s death the trial is for, expect one or two machinegun talk battles with him.
Execution: You’re to Blame
Yuusuke appears in a field of flowers from which several young women emerge. Yuusuke tries to be the charmer that he usually is, only for the girls’ mouths to open to reveal machineguns. Aiming for his heart, his heart begins rotating parts of his body, leaving him still alive despite holes appearing in his body. It soon becomes apparent that he has no need to keep his heart moving as his bones and heart are all that’s left. At last, all guns aimed at it, his heart is shot through, erupting in blood.

Kagami Zetsubei
Super Duper High School Pilot
Come on! You’re not allowed to have a pilot’s license until you’re an adult! True, but you can get experience if your dad’s a flight school teacher. If you’re better than him by age ten, he’s sure to give you a license, I suppose. Is that legal? Well, the Marvel Manor seems to think so. She easily made the flashiest arrival to the grounds, and she is easily the most boastful. She does not seem to think much of the others’ lives, being “above them all” and whatnot.
Execution: Fire in the Skies
In the middle of a dogfight, she doesn’t bat an eye at her flamethrower-wielding opponents, even without a turret gun of her own. Dodging the monokuma planes and the lightning bolts, she finally makes it through, all the bicolor biplanes falling around her in flames. However, she does not see the flaming meteor coming down to strike her from the skies. The propellers from her twin engine plane fall down as a pair of crossbones, leaving the smoking rock that had destroyed the daredevil diva in the background to look like the matching giant skull.

Aiden Suzumori
Super Duper High School Racer
A kid who has trumped everyone on the road in his custom car, he was rather annoyed that he was not allowed to bring his souped-up cruiser into Marvel Manor grounds. He is easily the most irritable, quickest with a curse or an insult. He seems very much like the most likely guy to commit a murder first, so he can get back onto the road. (Got a little lazy with drawing him, I admit.)
Execution: Ending 500
Being pursued by hundreds of cars, Aiden has to race for his life through the crowded roads in order to survive. The finish line is on the opposite end of a wide chasm. As he makes the jump and is about to land, the giant 1st place cup falls down in the way. Caught on the inside, he has no choice but to bounce back. Finding himself in the position over the canyon where he cannot save himself, he panicks and bangs on the door to get out until he crashes in a fiery explosion.

Please, tell me whether you like this or think I'm just completely messed up, please. ;)
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MachikoChan Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Ooo, very neat! I'll watch it as soon as I feel like I'm able to sit down and focus. XD
CuddleBeam Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
WhizofDiz13 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
So, what was your favorite execution in the canon games, and what's your favorite execution here?
CuddleBeam Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Canon? The last execution of the first game. OH NELLY THAT FACE THAT ENJOYMENT THAT CHARACTER

Of here? Mayu's. BAKING PEOPLE.
WhizofDiz13 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Oh, I know. That last execution almost made me want to go through execution myself. XD
Hattushilish Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Nice diversity of shapes, personalities and looks. Nice job.
WhizofDiz13 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Anyone you like in particular?
And did you read any of the clever executions?
Hattushilish Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
well the executions are clever, but they remind me of many anime cliches in both of anime and videogames, not because they look like anything i have seen, but because they are ultimate, time stopping attacks
WhizofDiz13 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Well, that would probably be because they are based off of the Japanese game Danganronpa.

Here's a video for reference of executions:…
Hattushilish Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
ahh, this title is new to me.

Japan made games are cool, but a bit too predictable and clichéish
WhizofDiz13 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Oh, but I would have thought you'd appreciate the literary cleverness of the second execution.
Hattushilish Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
To be honest i never expected you were interested into that kind of scenes :P
WhizofDiz13 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Eh, it's the fun art style, and I always enjoyed horror sequences.

But really, Little Black Sambo's Death Cage refers to a story called Little Black Sambo where the protagonist gets the tigers who robbed him to chase each other round and round in circles until they reduce themselves to butter. I actually thought that was pretty clever to reference a relatively unknown story like that.
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